Welcome to the site of Tokyo Lacanian School, the unique school of Lacanian psychoanalysis in Japan.

If you intend to learn really psychoanalysis, you must enter into a personal experience of psychoanalysis, because transmission of psychoanalytical knowledge will be effected only through your own analytical experience.

Tokyo Lacanian School founded on Lacan’s borromeanity with Freud and Heidegger is the only place in Japan where you can learn really psychoanalysis.

That every human being becomes psychoanalyst through one’s own analytical experience, that is the final aim of Tokyo Lacanian School, because to be a psychoanalyst is one of possible ways of desalienation-liberation for us modern human beings who are always in the age of nihilism.

What is psychoanalysis ?

Psychoanalysis is the practical phenomenology of the truth of the Being of human subject as far as we live in language, that is to say, as far as we are what Lacan calls parlêtre (In-language-Being).

All the teaching of Lacan consists in founding psychoanalysis purely, that is, non-empirically.

Then we can say that what makes the foundation of psychoanalysis is the apophatic ontology ‒ "apophatic" in the sense of so-called apophatic theology or negative theology.

Lacan explains for us this apophatic ontology in his ontological topology he develops with topologies of projective plane and of borromean knot.

According to the phenomenological structure of the truth of the Being, a psychoanalytical school has a double function : on one hand it concerns the Being as such in its own truth, and on the other hand it presentifies psychoanalysis on the dimension of beings as such in whole. Lacan calls the former function « psychoanalysis in intension » and the latter « psychoanalysis in extension ». This one consists in all the discourses about the psychoanalytical subject, that one in the psychoanalytical practice as such no matter how you call it, personal analysis or training analysis.

So the function of Tokyo Lacanian School is double too. On one hand it offers to every In-language-Being a possibility of having one’s own experience of psychoanalysis. On the other hand it organizes seminars open to the public to develop the question concerning the Being of psychoanalytical subject.

Luke S. OGASAWARA, director of Tokyo Lacanian School

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